1. Do I need a phone line to activate a fibre broadband service?
Fibre broadband (OFNL – Link ) doesn’t require a telephone line as BT to activate the fibre broadband. Every home an ONT has been installed and connect the provided LAN cable into the LAN port of the ONT after you receive email conformation of service has been activated.

2. When will I get my router?
Link will be dispatched the router closer towards your activation date and will be sent out as next day priority.

3. I placed an order today with the activation for tomorrow. Will I get my router tomorrow?
If the order was placed before 4pm (Mon – Fri) , you will get it within 24hrs. if it is placed after 4pm, you will get it within 48hrs. If your order is placed on Friday after 2 pm, then your activation can be only on Tuesday

4. Do I need to configure the router you send me?
All routers are sent out as Pre-configured.

5. Do I need a engineer visit for install the router?
The router arrives able to be plugged in, which is straightforward and can not require additional assistance

6. Do I need a new router or can I use my own router ?
If your router support PPPoE and is compatible with the download speed you’ve got chosen, you’ll use an equivalent router

7. How can I check if my router will support the selected download speed?
Please refer the booklet that came with the router, otherwise you can check online for the specifications of the router.

8. How long is my contract?
All our contracts are 12 months initial.

9. Can I upgrade /Downgrade my internet during my contract?
Yes, you can. Please contact our customer service to upgrade the service. For plan upgradation/down gradation there’s a onetime change fee of £12.50

10. Do you provider static IP?
We provide static IP only for business broadband & SOHO broadbands connections .Please Contact our customer service 0330 174 1444 to know more.

11. Why is my invoice higher than my monthly package price?
As we charge you from the date your services were activated and one month in advance ,your first bill are going to be of a higher value than usual

12. I want to continue using the current landline number that I have; can I do that?
Number porting is available and while placing an order please select the option for porting number along with the current provider’s name or contact our customer service team they will help you to port your existing number to Link broadband with a small fee of £15 incl VAT. Your telephone number will be transferred from your current provider to Link Broadband within 10-15 working days.

13. What is my billing cycle?
Our billing cycle is a whole calendar month. Your first invoice however will include the charges from the date of activation and one month in advance. Invoice will be generated on the 1st of every month and your payment will be deducted as per the direct debit schedule except the 1st invoice.

14. When will be my Initial & first invoice payment will be deducted?
Your first invoice payment will be deducted within 2-5 working days after your order is placed and the first subscription invoices will be deducted in the first week of the first month

15. Do Link broadbands provide public IP address for residential broadband?
We don’t provide public IP address for residential fibre connection.

16. Do you provide IPv 4 and above?
Yes we do provide IPV4 and above for SOHO or business broadband connections

17. How can I ensure I get accurate results?

To get the most accurate possible broadband speed test result, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you are not downloading anything on your PC / laptop.
  • Shut down any software that uses the internet (e.g. web radio, RSS news feeds or TV services).
  • Turn off any other computers, tablets, smartphones and games consoles that are sharing your wireless network.
  • Ensure all broadband cables are properly and securely connected.
  • With wireless routers, make sure you are as close to your wireless router as possible. Ideally you’ll be less than 10 metres away.
  • Make sure there are no large objects between your computer and wireless router.
  • Electronic devices such as microwaves, wireless doorbells, baby monitors, bug zappers and even electric blankets can affect the signal strength, so switch them all off.


18. What can affect broadband speed?

Factors that may affect the accuracy of your broadband speed measurement — and your broadband speed — include:

  • Downloads – Make sure you are not downloading anything on your computer. This can adversely affect average speeds during the test
  • Wireless routers – Wireless broadband data needs to travel through the air. Thick walls may adversely affect your broadband speed because they’re harder for the signal to pass through. The distance of your computer from the router also affects connection quality.
  • Data-heavy programs – Shut down any software that frequently accesses the internet during the test (e.g. web radio, RSS feeds or TV on-demand services).
  • Concurrent users – Turn off other devices using your wireless or fixed line network during the test. Multiple connections to a single router can adversely affect broadband speeds.
  • Network coverage – With mobile internet connections, being on the move can affect the quality of your broadband connection. Mobile broadband speeds are more accurately measured on a computer at a static location.
  • Broadband network congestion / time of day – Many broadband providers suffer from traffic congestion at the busiest times of day (usually 8pm to 10pm). Speeds suffer during these periods due to the sheer amount of consumers who are online.

19. What is ‘pro rata’ billing?

Your subscriptions are paid for in advance and invoices are based on a set monthly bill date – usually 1st of every month. On a connection’s first invoice, or first invoice after a tariff change, there will often be some pro rata billing.

Example – First invoice since connection This is when the additional line rental cost that hadn’t been charged in advance is added to the first full month’s line rental cost. For example, if your monthly line rental is £10.00pcm and your subscription is connected on the 15th of the month, you will receive a bill on the 1st of the following month covering all of that month, plus the unpaid 15 days’ line rental from the previous month. Making that bill total £15.00.

Example – First invoice after tariff/upgrade amend This is when the system has to balance the total cost of line rental after a mid-month change in monthly invoice value. For example, if the monthly line rental is £10.00pcm and you amend a tariff to £15.00pcm on the 15th of the month, the system initially recognises that it has overcharged you for the £10.00 tariff, so it will credit £5.00 back. It will then invoice the new cost for the remainder of that month (£7.50), plus the following month in advance as standard. The bill on the 1st of the following month, after the amend, will show in the summary a line rental cost of £22.50 with a credit for the £5.00 owed, meaning that month’s total line rental cost was £17.50

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