Full WiFi capabilities

Record on USB stick

Bookmark your favourite shows

Fully integrated with Amazon Alexa

TikTok on the big screen

TV Packages

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Most recent TV shows and movies

No bill shock exists

Easy content search

215+ Channels & 30+ Apps

Free unlimited mobile TV is provided

International content partners

Best Service

UK's most affordable TV service

Special discounts and promotions

The TV box doesn't need an engineer to be installed

Award-winning 4K /UHD TV box with Alexa integrated, valued at £149

WiFi compatible

They are extremely portable

Link BroadBands does not have to be the only home TV solution


Yes, you can receive live Freeview channels that are available in your area using either an indoor or an outdoor antenna. We advise using an indoor aerial with your device if you don't have an outdoor aerial. To view both live and digital terrestrial broadcasts, you need an aerial (e.g. BBC One, BBC Two). Do not worry; there is a wealth of entertainment available that does not require an aerial, including HD channels and apps like Prime Video, Rakuten, and YouTube.

Yes, you can easily set up parental controls on your device for both channels and on-demand apps.

If you are an existing Link broadbands customer and wish to sign up for Link broadband TV, you will be required to renew your existing broadband contract. Please call 033 0174 1444 and our Telesales team will be happy to assist you. Lines are open between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm Saturdays